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Instantly create hundreds of unique grooves with Melody Star!
Drag the instruments to points on the star
to activate their sounds.
Arrange them in any combination you want.
A fun way to express your musical talent!

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Melody Star Version 4.0 (Freemium) and Melody Star Premium were released with upgrades and new features on 10-12-13.

New in Version 4.0:

Upgrades ($.99 each):
• 5 additional piano sounds
• 5 additional bass sounds
• 5 additional drum sounds
• 5 additional guitar sounds
• 5 additional synth sounds
• Remove ads permanently


New in Melody Star Premium 2.0:

All of the Version 4.0 upgrades listed above are included. Melody Star Premium 2.0 comes with all 50 sounds–10 on each instrument–already loaded, and with no ads, bundled into one low-priced purchase, but for a limited time!